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GME-H10 36V & 48V (Multi Voltage) 140A

H10 48V 140A Forklift Battery Charger For Sale Australia Best Review

  • Three-phase power supply voltage 400Vac ±10% 50-60Hz
  • Supplied with AC 20A Three Phase 4 Round Pin Plug
  • Max Input Current: 14.7 Amps
  • Max Input Power: 9,273 W
  • Max Output Power: 8,064 W
  • High-performance ZVT Switching technology
  • Efficiency ≈ 95%
  • Form factor ≈ 92%
  • Current control precision ±1A
  • Voltage control precision ±0.1V
  • Compensation of the voltage drop on the battery cables
  • Charging process managed by microprocessor
  • Charging current programmable via buttons
  • For batteries: lead acid, gel, AGM, lithium
  • Can-bus communication for lithium batteries
  • Possibility to set using buttons: time, final charging voltage
  • Possibility of desulphating batteries simply and quickly
  • Programmable equalization function
  • Programmable buffer function
  • Display of current, voltage, Ah and time during charging
  • Storage and display of 1000 charging cycles, with date/time, relevant data and any warnings or alarms
  • Export of memories via Wi-Fi connection
  • Program update via Wi-Fi
  • Automatic or manual start
  • Double thermal protection
  • Protected against battery polarity inversion
  • Thermostated forced ventilation
  • Charging interruption when battery is disconnected
  • Dimensions: 490 x 350 x 115 mm
  • Weight: 15 kg including cables

Buyers Guide

Choosing a Battery Charger for your Electric Forklift can be a confusing task. Our mission at Forklift Battery Chargers Direct is to provide you with the best quality battery chargers available at the lowest possible prices.

The orange and green chart (last image in the product gallery) will assist you to select your required Battery Charger. Simply compare your Electric Forklift Battery Capacity (Ah) at the top of the chart with your Battery Voltage (24V, 36V, 48V or 80V) on the side of the chart to determine your Battery Charger model. Light green indicates that the charger is ‘suitable’ and dark green indicates that the battery charger is ‘ideal’ for your particular electric forklift.

Use the website menu to navigate to other categories of chargers in our range.

GM Electric

GM Electric have been manufacturing battery chargers in their Italian factory for over 35 years to service the electric vehicle, aerial platform, industrial cleaning and material handling sectors. We are proud to be the exclusive importer of GM Electric High Frequency Battery Chargers within Australia.

GM Electric Battery Chargers Australia Forklift Golf Cart Boat

  • GM Electric’s passion and determination to carefully satisfy their customers needs ensures that they remain leaders in the Battery Charger International Market.
  • GM Electric continually develop their technology to maintain their position as market leaders in power efficiency achieving an unrivalled ~95% efficiency. With rising power costs installing energy efficient battery chargers is a smart business decision ensuring an exceptional return on investment.
  • GM Electric understand their customers needs for reliability. They have built an exceptional reputation for reliability in the Australian material handling sector and are trusted by major companies like Aldi, Bunnings, Lion Batteries, Sweepers Australia, Uncle Tobys and Qantas. Every charger in their range comes with technical support and a factory two year warranty.
  • GM Electric battery chargers are the most flexible and adaptable on the market. An easy to use interface allows the user to set Voltage, Amperage, Cell type (Lead Acid / Gel / AGM) and Charging Profiles from the display panel without dongles, cables or additional software.

Forklift Battery Chargers Direct

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