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Australian owned Forklift Battery Chargers Direct have formed an international partnership with Italy’s GM Electric to make their exceptional range of High Frequency Battery Chargers available to the Australian Material Handling Industry. 

GM Electric have been manufacturing chargers in Italy for over 35 years
HQC Best Forklift Battery Chargers Australia Material Handling Highest Quality Lowest Price
The HQC contains propriety charging algorithms to adapt in real time to your batteries charge state providing an optimal charge with minimum energy consumption

GM Electric have been manufacturing high frequency battery chargers in their Italian factory for over 35 years. Their chargers service the electric vehicle, aerial platform, industrial cleaning and material handling sectors.  We are proud to be the exclusive importer of GM Electric High Frequency Battery Chargers within Australia.

CEMAT forklift exhibition battery charger material handling discount battery chargers australia GM electric
A fortuitous meeting at the 2017 Hannover CeMAT Material Handling Exhibition in Germany

Our partnership began at the CeMAT Exhibition Hannover Germany in 2017. We were introduced to GM Electric’s Technical Director and not only was he friendly and engaging, he was prepared to listen and incorporate our feedback and requests. Our relationship had begun and over the next few years we collaborated together to:

  • Introduce Fast Charging Profiles to their Battery Chargers
  • Add Automatic Watering Capability to their Battery Chargers
  • Manufacture Non-Standard Battery Chargers to fulfil the requirements of our Australian customers
H10 Best Forklift Battery Chargers Australia Material Handling Highest Quality Lowest Price
The Universal H10 has Fast Charge Capability
GM Electric ST400 Best Forklift Battery Chargers Australia Material Handling Highest Quality Lowest Price - Sq
Great Range of Single Phase Chargers

What do our Customers Say?

5 Star Review Best Rated Forklift Battery Charger Australia

Battery Charger Market Leaders

GM Electric’s passion and determination to carefully satisfy their customers needs ensures that they remain leaders in the High Frequency Battery Charger International Market:

  • GM Electric continually develop their technology to maintain their position as market leaders in power efficiency achieving an unrivalled ~95% efficiency. With rising power costs installing energy efficient battery chargers is a smart business decision ensuring an exceptional return on investment.
  • GM Electric understand their customers needs for reliability. They have built an exceptional reputation for reliability in the Australian material handling sector and are trusted by major companies like Aldi, Bunnings, Lion Batteries, Sweepers Australia, Uncle Tobys and Qantas. Every charger in their range comes with technical support and a factory two year warranty.
  • GM Electric battery chargers are the most flexible and adaptable on the market. An easy to use interface allows the user to set Voltage, Amperage, Cell type (Lead Acid / Gel / AGM) and Charging Profiles from the display panel without dongles, cables or additional software.
  • Their Fast Opportunity Battery Chargers operate without the requirement to install complex Battery Monitoring Systems on your battery, simplifying operations and reducing costs. Instead a simple temperature probe is installed to your battery.
  • Their latest product, the ‘Digital HQC‘, contains their intelligent HQC function. This proprietary HQC Charging algorithm makes it possible to charge batteries with the minimum charging current possible, thus reducing the heating up of the battery and saving power and money. The HQC range of battery chargers adapt automatically to the conditions and charge status of the batteries, providing an optimal charge whilst preventing wasted energy and is especially beneficial for batteries that have seen some years of service.