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To quote my Business Coach: “Every Business needs a Ben”  


I spent seventeen years as an Aerospace Engineer working in civilian companies that support the Australian Defence Force providing mechanical engineering services for RAAF fighter planes, Army heavy lift helicopters and Navy Air Warfare Destroyers.  My primary roles were technical support to the frontline mechanics, problem solving under pressure, building relationships, project management, leadership and spreadsheets…. lots of spreadsheets.


In 2015 I put my engineering career on hold to co-create a brand new business on the Sunshine Coast. Together with two other owners we grew a fresh start up into a profitable business.  My areas of passion during this role were creating systems to deliver high standards of customer service, finance management, business data analysis, KPI reporting, social media campaigns, strategic planning, continuous improvement, website development, ecommerce, stock control – essentially applying my methodical aerospace engineering approach to a dynamic growing business.


In 2023 I sold my first business and began a new solo entrepreneurial adventure exploring the world of importing goods from overseas and online sales. Whilst this second business was rewarding on many levels deep down I was seeking a bigger challenge. For my third business I wanted to reignite my engineering technical skills and I wanted to play on a bigger field. So I sat down and reviewed over 300 businesses for sale and there was just one that stood out: ‘Battery Room Solutions‘ by John Flint. John had been in the Material Handling industry for over 25 years and was looking forward to retirement. During our first meeting we enjoyed an easy rapport and we began working together straight away on the business handover.

Battery Room Solutions Handover John Flint Ben O'Duhring Australia Battery Charger
Ben O’Duhring & John Flint inspecting a customers Battery Room Solutions installation


Friends and family would regularly ask if I missed working on fighter planes, and on reflection, and to my surprise, I didn’t. I knew that the roles I had in the Aerospace industry were ‘dream jobs’, but they weren’t my dreams. Instead, I had discovered that I thrived being responsible and accountable for growing my own vibrant and industry leading businesses. I had found my zone of genius and it was:

Creating simple solutions to make things better.

I am now the owner of three related businesses: Battery Technologies, Battery Room Solutions and Forklift Battery Chargers Direct and loving every minute. I am eager to learn about the needs of your material handling business and to assist you in selecting products that provide trouble free service and exceptional returns on investment.

At your service.

Ben O’Duhring